Stevie Y


Stevie Y came into our lives when I was 5 months pregnant (yes I got a cat when I was preggo). In fact, I got him as a birthday present (another no-no apparently, oh well). We adopted him from the humane society and he wasn’t my first choice as I didn’t see him. The first kitten I had picked out was a fluffy little female white and grey. She was calm, purring and cuddly but OH didn’t think she would fare with our rather large Boxer.


I was walking by the windows and rooms when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a little boy trying to fend off this tiny 4 month old orange and white kitten. When I say fending off, I mean this kitten was in full play attack mode, coming at every angle and attacking whenever the boy turned his back. It was adorable then because this kitten was less than 4 pounds (now it’s not so adorable when you are ambushed at 3 a.m. bathroom breaks by a 15 pound muscular cat). I pointed at this little ball of fury and pretty much shouted (the lady behind us jumped) “Mine!” and that was it. This insane cat was to be ours and he had already been returned for being too aggressive when playing.


first meetings

Fast forward about 4 months, this still very rambunctious 8 month old kitten was to be meeting our daughter for the first time. I was less worried because I had come to know that this animal was sweet but hyper, basically he fit into our crazy lifestyle and adjusted to the dog very well.


I was right! Stevie accepted and even was very gentle towards our Little One. LO seemed to love the cat as much as he showed interest and affection for her.


holding hands

So my life became a little more hectic and little more full of love (so cheesy!), it was worth it and still is. Even if boundary and personal space problems don’t change.


4 months old


1 year old


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