OH and LO

2014-04-24 16.23.48

I mention OH and LO quite often, because they are a huge part of my life (obviously!). OH stands for Other Half, while LO stands for Little One or Loved One. I chose not to name them as OH said he didn’t want to be mentioned by name and LO doesn’t have a say right now as a young child.


All 3 of us live in a 900 sq ft apartment, with a couple fish tanks, an impish cat and a sweet dog. It can feel a little small at times but we love small housing life.


OH works hard and puts up with my crazy adoration of animals (sometimes I tend like them more than people) and LO seems to be following in my foot steps.


LO is a precocious child. She is always happy and even through her grumpy days, she is never too hard to handle. She definitely knows how to make people smile.


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  1. OH and LO… that’s very sweet!

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