I have had my Boxer since she was 9 weeks old. Meeting her was a result of two tragedies, but she has brought such joy in my life and has gotten me through some really, really harsh times. Kaiya has been such a constant in my life that change doesn’t seem so bad and I can never come home from work grumpy after seeing her smiling face.


Boxers are not the most graceful or majestic of creatures, they can be stubborn and are a contradictory breed. They love meeting new people and animals, but want to protect their families. They want to learn new things and please their owners, but they also like to do their own thing and sometimes turn their obedience off. They also love to run and are very high-energy, but they also love to laze around, if that is what their family is doing for the day.


Kaiya is all of those. She is my first dog ever. We didn’t have enough time for dogs growing up as all three kids in our family were hockey players, lacrosse players, soccer players, musicians, horseback riders and much much more. My dad also was not fond of dogs and quote “Why have a dog? If I wanted a fourth kid I would have one.” Well when I was 20, I decided that after a huge loss in my life, I wasn’t ready for kids and I had just enough time with full time post-secondary and two jobs (I conned my dog loving bosses into letting me bring Kaiya to work) to adopt this puppy. I found her and 10 siblings in a stall next to an aging stallion.

First Meetings!

I couldn’t say no to the runt and the only brindle not spoken for. So she came home with me. The rest is history and my dogger has become fast friends with anyone friendly who meets her and her little human sister LO.


OK, so maybe she can be a little bit majestic!


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