Hello kind friends! I have been on a little hiatus from here because of the drama of moving, a couple of trips to Toronto and now leaving my position at work after almost 6 years there, to start a new adventure in a brand new position! I have been anxious and busy but life is calming down to a new routine and I will try and post every week from now on.

Let’s be serious though, you didn’t even notice me gone!


I am making things like refrigerator pickles and apple butter (Tis the Season!). I am also making a crock pot apple betty/crisp (YUM!) tonight.


Other than that, I haven’t been up to anything interesting. Just regular old house stuff. I am trying to figure out how to make quilts with a new (to me) sewing machine I was given. I will post results of what I am planning on making!


I have been running LO ragged with everything we are doing and she definitely having a blast with our adventures. Until next time!

“Stories don’t end,” he says. “They just turn into new beginnings.” (pg. 123)” ― Hour of the Bees 


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