The Yarn Wreath


I have a problem guys. I’m addicted to Farmers’ Markets. They have so much great stuff. This past weekend LO got given an evergreen sapling. Now I am not sure quite what to do with said sapling, but it will be planted somewhere where it can flourish!

This is a tough week for me because LO’s daycare is closing (provider is going back to school) and this is the last week it is open. Although she is going to a great daycare in lieu of this, LO will miss her ‘atte‘.

Today OH, LO and I are going to Fitzroy Park to visit with OH’s parents. I am bringing my pulled pork – but I made it with A&W root beer and the BBQ sauce I used was Bull’s-eye Guinness. His parents camp often in the summer and Fitzroy Park is nice and close.

Now onto the actual subject of this post… I was in the Dollar Tree getting a treat for LO (bubbles and a Kinder Egg) and my eyes came across a floral foam circle. I decided then that I was going to scour for ideas on Pinterest (my darkest secret obsession) and collect ideas for what I was going to do and I came up with and made this!


First things first, you need the following supplies;

  • Floral foam or similar – I had a 9 3/4 inch
  • Yarn
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Decorations to glue onto wreath – I used flowers.


Heat up your glue gun, unravel a good amount of yarn – about three to four arms length – and cut it. I did this to make wrapping the wreath easier. Put a small dab of glue on the back of the wreath and put on the end of the yarn. Let it sit to harden a bit before wrapping the wreath.

When wrapping the first layer (there are going to be 2-3 layers), you don’t have to pull the yarn very close together. You will have odd bumps if you do.

When you get to the end of your yarn, repeat until no foam is seen.

I added some darker colour just because, before adding the flowers. Well LO placed quite a few of the flowers and did a remarkably good job. She loves making crafts and frequently brings them home from daycare while being adorably very proud of herself!

I added finishing touches and well a few placed flowers (well sorta) and hung it on the front door of my parents’ house. LO fell asleep before we got home and went straight to bed.


I love spending time with LO like this because I get to see things from another perspective. I also tend to be less of a perfectionist when LO is involved because she is just having so much fun! I think the wreath turned out cute and Gramma and Grampa can tell people that their granddaughter helped make it!

I send you off with a picture of LO enjoying some Stella Luna. Which happens to be North America’s FOURTH best gelato!



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