Farmer’s Market

This past Saturday OH, LO, his parents and I went to the Carp Farmer’s Market. I love the farmer’s market as it gives me a chance to get locally grown produce and to see the delicious baked goods that are made at home. Things are a little more expensive (starting to see similar pricing in grocery stores), but I find they last longer and really do taste better.

OH and I bought quite a bit of fresh produce including kale, spring garlic and lots of asparagus. I love it all!


We also bought some fresh organic eggs and they were HUGE.


Of course we bought some baked goods. Most of them got eaten fairly quickly, but I snagged a picture of some apple cider donuts and a vanilla cookie filled with plum jam – in the shape of a plum. It was the prettiest cookie that I had ever devoured.


We bought a lot more than this, but taking pictures was few and far between. Honestly, we were just enjoying the beautiful weather and the amazing vendors!

We plan on going several times this year and visiting a few others as well. What would you buy from the farmer’s market?


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  1. I love products from farm markets everything so fresh and organic!:)

    1. Erin says:

      I just can’t get over how delicious fresh local eggs are compared to store bought!

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