Slip-on dog bandanas

I have to say that OH and I are some of the luckiest parents out there. LO is such an easy going kid that we really are not hindered in our adventures. We literally just include LO into almost everything we do.

This past weekend was Ottawa Comic Con. Yes we dressed up LO (OH made his own costume), like we do every year. Yes she enjoys Comic Con. Yes I fed her candy and let her drink lemonade for a treat.

She was a little Rey and she was a fabulous Rey! We also saw some amazing costumes. Like Jigsaw and Oscar the Grouch! The effort and time that was put into these costumes is just, well, AMAZING! I am always impressed with the time, thought and effort people put into costumes. I also got to meet Tom Payne (Walking Dead) who took a picture with me!

Now onto our little project. This is a craft/sewing project for your doggy (or kitty) friend. They are slip-on dog bandanas. They just slip over your dog’s existing collar and I made these ones with machine washable (and dryer safe!) fabrics. AND THEY’RE REVERSIBLE!

Here is what you need;

  • 2 fabric patterns (got mine from Fabricland and Walmart)
  • Sewing machine (with bobbins)
  • Dog collar (for measuring)
  •  Marker (for marking fabrics)
  • Pins
  • Thread (I used whatever I had available)


First thing I did was lay the collar flat on the table. Measure and mark your fabric. Then cut it into a large pentagonal shape and pin it pattern sides in. One thing I didn’t do was iron the fabrics… this is because I don’t have an iron. It is a good idea though.

The fun part it sewing. Sew all edges except the longest part. You need the top open to pull everything pattern side out.

Sew along the top to close the bandana off and then fold and pin the top part. I folded it so the soft fabric had a piece of the main pattern on it. Kaiya’s collar is 1″ thick so I made the slip pocket 1 1/3″ thick.


After all was done, I made my poor Kaiya model all of the bandanas. She wasn’t impressed.

So I took her outside to play and model them as well. LO loves throwing the stick for Miss Kaiya.

Bonus picture of LO as a little Rey, eating an M&M covered candy apple, cause she’s so adorable!



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