small update


So the past week I have been battling the flu. I thought I had shaken it and then was hit with round two. I did however get out of bed long enough to dye some fake eggs with LO. I had been talking to her about colouring eggs and she was dying to try it.


So I pulled out the kit she chose about a month back and got out some plastic containers. I have to say that the fake dye-able eggs do not dye as well as a real egg but I don’t think LO cared too much.


In the end, after adding some food colouring they turned out tie dyed looking, so it was an alright experience.


And seriously, that is all I was able to manage as a person with the flu all week.

Today I am making 72 cupcakes for two different events. A baby shower for twin boys and a bridal shower for my cousin. I have been getting real orders too! It’s been fun trying new things and making cupcake toppers!


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