frugal february ends…

So with the end of February comes the ending of extreme budgeting. I am going to keep the jars and the log book because they did us some good. Remembering to log every little thing really brought into prospective of what we were spending our money on.


Some days went un-logged, but for the most part it became habit of logging everything and placing a receipt in the jar for whatever was bought. This was everything from movie tickets to gas receipts. I also found that our previous $50 a month for gas has raised $25 to $75 per month on gas. For three years OH has opted to walk to work even when the car was not in use by me. I only used my debit card 3 times in the whole month and my credit card only once to pay a bill online. I was proud that I didn’t use it for random online purchases that I am prone to make ($6 Dollar Tees anyone???).

I also got into my creative side a little more as the month went by. I painted, coloured and even knitted some dishcloths in bright colours. I also sold some of my less used gaming systems and accessories and made an extra $200. Along with picking up work helping my dad flip a condo he and my mum bought which brought in an extra $240 (I will have pictures of that soon enough – I HATE WALLPAPER!).

Miss LO still had a lovely month. For her 2nd birthday this past January she got skating lessons and although we have missed 2 of the 7, she has been enjoying them and even gets excited to go skating.


I am hoping the weather gets better as I want to start planting my veggies before the end of March. I also have been drawing up plans for some quilted place mats so I hope to post that soon. April brings my CN Tower climb for the World Wildlife Foundation – I am $75 away from my goal and am still looking to raise that last little bit.

As you can see, a lot is happening in the next little while and I will be super busy. My posts are going to be back to once a week and more crafts will weasel their way in between regular recipes. I am also going to re-visit one or two of my first year’s posts to see if I have improved on them.

So there you have it, Frugal February was, in my mind, a success and I look forward to more challenges throughout the year. We will be starting to travel come April (Toronto) and make our way out of province come July (St. John’s, Nfld) and August (Montreal, Quebec). It will be fun to do some different traveling and be able to see some more of Canada. Stay tuned!

I can’t wait for summer guys!

See you soon folks!


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