my 10 cleaning commandments…

To keep my tiny home tidy and clean, I tend to have 10 little rules I follow. Some have to do with the fact that we have 2 cats, 1 dog and three people (one is Hurricane LO) living in just 900 SQ feet.

So here I go…

  1.  Never leave toys/clothes on the floor at the end of the night- I put a basket in each bedroom for clothing and LO’s toys have 4 designated baskets.
  2. Always wipe down your kitchen and bathroom counters – if you do this daily with a spray bottle of homemade solution and a microfiber cloth, you will always have a clean counter.
  3. Never leave dishes in your sink – It may seem simple, but leaving dishes in your sink that are dirty can actually cause a bit of a snowballing effect and make things pile up on you.
  4. Vacuum/sweep often – I vacuum every evening right before LO goes to bed. When you have a toddler who puts crumbs everywhere and two cats who, because of wonky weather that are shedding like crazy, you just want to keep dust bunnies and hairballs out of your house.
  5. Make your bed – even if it’s after you get home from work, going to bed in an already made bed can give you a sense of calm.
  6.  Take out any overflowing garbage/recycling – At the end of the night, if I have any overflowing bins, they go out to the garbage room. If you live in a house, that may be your garage.
  7. Clean your cat litter every day – owning an indoor cat comes with a litter box for most people, scoop it each day to keep smells and mess at bay!
  8. Everything must have a home – from books on shelves to dog toys in a basket, every single thing must have a home and if you can’t find a home, make one, if you can’t make one, it goes.
  9. Clean as you cook – Ok, so sometimes I am bad at this one, but in general, I clean up as I go and it makes after dinner dishes so much easier. Even if you fill the sink with VERY hot water and dish soap and put stuff in as you go makes a huge difference to clean up.
  10.  Melamine sponges are your friend – these are my favourite things in the world. I am not talking about the expensive Mr. Clean ones which are great but mega expensive for what you get, I am talking about the generic sponges you can get here. I use them for everything and for more than one job. They are especially good at soap scum removal in your bath tub.

Cleaning can be stressful, break everything down into parts or rooms and you will have a much easier and less stressful time!


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