Frugal February Begins!

I’m starting off Frugal February with a bang! I already went over to Boomerang Kids and consigned some items (11) of LO’s to sell. So that is #5 from my list last week!¬† I also donated a bunch of LO’s too-small clothing and my own too-big clothing to make more space in our tiny apartment (#4).

This rabbit sits outside our window. He was hanging out all day while I was doing our budget and money jars!
This rabbit sits outside our window. He was hanging out all day while I was doing our budget and money jars!

The past few weeks we have been hit with a series of expenses. The car needed $920 in general repair (the brake pads were worn down to almost nothing and rusted), the 6 months of car insurance/home insurance came up mid- January – $569, OH went to Toronto for a coaching clinic which cost about $750, LO’s birthday party cost us $150 and all our other monthly expenses as well (rent, groceries, bills, gas). We came out in the positives so it wasn’t that bad, but it was still pretty damn close.

Money Jars
Money Jars

We made our jars to hold our money for the month, but I only put part of the money in from our last paycheques. We also have a notebook to record any money exchange with or without a receipt. It’s simple, take a $XX, go shopping, record the date/amount spent,return change and receipt to jar. Our total jar money for the month will be $640.00.

What’s in the jars right now (Well we have used some it by now!);

  • Transportation¬† – $35
  • Food/Pets – $95
  • Clothing/Gifts – $50 (We have 3 birthdays to buy/make something for)
  • Entertainment – $50 (This will probably be used for birthdays)
  • LO – $180 (This is for daycare for 2 weeks)
  • Total – $410
Starting our money journal!
Starting our money journal!

I think this will be a tiny bit time consuming, but if we can successfully live on this monthly budget, which I have cut in half from our regular one, we will be able to look into certain areas of our daily spending and see what is a need and what is a want.

Look at all these groceries for $32.90!
Look at all these groceries for $32.90! Coupons and smart shopping can go a long, long way!

I also have a little bit saved up already for the Newfoundland trip! I found a box of empty wine and beer bottles and returned them for some cash! I also have stuff from my Nintendo Wii and my Xbox 360 put up on Kijiji to bring in some extra cash for the month. The goal is to have $1200. $5.15 down, $1194.85 to go!

Let’s see if we can keep it up for the month considering we are only on Day 3! I also took a trip to the mall with my mom and used gift cards and coupons the whole shopping trip!

Let`s see how far this gets me!
This got me farther than I thought it would!

Wish me luck for the rest of the 26 days!


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