A Quick Update!

Wow time flies! Here I am sitting down, trying to type this post up with practically nothing planned for it. Christmas was a whirlwind of paper, toys and anxiety, New Year’s was quiet enough and then OH turned 36 years old a few days after New Year’s.  I was exhausted from hosting my first Christmas Dinner, baking a cookie/brownie dessert and baking and decorating cupcakes all in a span of 10 days!

Look at these delicious cupcakes!
Look at these delicious cupcakes I made!

But I made it! I’m here and my posts should return to a normal this upcoming Wednesday.

OH, LO and my nephews celebrating his birthday!
OH, LO and my nephews celebrating his birthday!

Wicket is doing great! He has made himself quite at home and become a great companion for Stevie. He is not as cuddly as Stevie Y, but he loves being close to LO and follows her around like a puppy dog.

He’s so chill!

My last update is that I am going to be climbing the CN Tower stairs for the WWF in April! I am excited to be doing this for such a great foundation and hope to get an exceptional time! I have modified my fitness goals and am looking forward to being a stair climbing master beast! Wish me luck!


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