i went picking

My aunt has been my hair dresser since I had hair. She is retired in Smith’s Falls, but she still does my hair from time to time. I took the opportunity while LO was at daycare to take a trip out with my mum and after we went to an antique shop to go picking.

Here is a little bit of the stuff I picked!


My aunt found this cute little sail boat that I thought would look great in LO’s bedroom.


I found this little horse. I was smitten with this as I have a larger red one that is identical to this one.


I enjoyed finding a spot in my home for these two little items.

DSCN1397 DSCN1395

Some of the stuff has yet to find a proper spot in my home or I have not re-purposed them, so keep your eyes peeled.



So I have been bitten by the picking bug and will probably have a few posts in the future about the different finds I make.

I think it looks very sweet in LO's room. Don't you?
I think it looks very sweet in LO’s room. Don’t you?

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