thank-you cards and gift cards

OH, LO and I are on our way to Toronto for the last few season games of the Toronto Blue Jays. That means Kaiya and Stevie Y need a place to stay and my parents are the perfect animal loving people (OK so my dad isn’t as enthusiastic about it as my mum is). This is the last time for Jays games that we need this so I thought a Thank-You card along with some attached gift cards were in order.

finished cards

First I looked for a printable for my cards and found one here. It suited my needs and was a clever way to say thanks to my mother.

Next was my father. I found this printable and thought it was cute enough cause he always makes faces when the animals come to stay (in reality, he calls Kaiya ‘sweetie’ and says Stevie is a friendly cat).


To get the rest of my supplies I went to the dollar store for glue tape and blank cards ($2.50) and then went to McDonald’s and Tim Horton’s for the gift cards and other supplies (the coffee sleeve and small fry pouch). You can put any amount onto the gift card or gift cards, that is totally up to you.


I printed off the face of the cards and glued them on. Then I wrote a personalized note on the inside of the card. I added the last few touches of the fry pouch and the coffee sleeve and put the gift cards into the cards.



And voila! It’s complete and personalized for the people they are intended for.

The greatest part of this is that my parents never expect anything in return for what they do for all of us kids (biological and in-law), they just do it because they can. I feel like I sometimes forget to thank them enough. So this is my way of reminding myself that I should thank them more often!


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