cottage time

As I mentioned in my last post, my mum, Kaiya, LO and I went to the cottage. I am posting on a Monday to share some pictures of the cottage.


The cottage is in Quebec. It was built over 50 years ago and has been in the family for just that long. I grew up going there and I have tonnes of memories to bring with me when my time is done there.


We ended up spending 30 hours there. This was LO’s first time up this year and she absolutely loved it. Kaiya also enjoyed the freedom and the lake.


LO and I played at the lake shore and I caught little minnows in my hand to show her.


I made my favourite breakfast of Eggs Benedict in the morning. My mum enjoyed not having to make every single meal.


While LO was having some down time, I went for a nature walk and experimented with the camera.

cottage10Daddy Long Legs on a Black-Eyed Susan

cottage9Milkweed in bloom

cottage8Bumblebee looking for pollen on Bugloss Flowers

cottage6A dragonfly (species:celithemis elisa aka: Calico Pennant)

I took the opportunity to take these photos so that LO can learn about nature and the animals that surround her. Plus, playing in a lake is so much fun!


Our time came to an end and after a quick swing or two, we had to go home. Both dog and toddler extremely content and I was relaxed for work the next day.

Until next time!
Until next time!

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