tea for two

Ah Mother’s Day. A time to celebrate your mothers, grandmothers and yourself if you are a momma! Usually you buy a card with a heartfelt message of how great said mother is and how you are lucky to have her, maybe you wrote on your Facebook about how awesome all the mothers that you are friends with are. Either way, it was a good day for celebration.

OH slacked a little on the gift part for his mother so I had to step up the game and make something for her. That is where this post comes in. It’s been 2 weeks since I have posted and it’s not because of any other reason than I have been extremely busy with work (lots of shifts), we painted areas of the apartment and then we went to some Blue Jays games in Toronto, 4 to be exact. So after these little ramblings follow me in making my gift from LO and OH to his mother (LO’s nana).


So here is a list of things you need to complete this project;

  • loose leaf tea – I got mine from Bulk Barn
  • cookies that go well with tea
  • a pretty box – or a plain one
  • a clean sewing needle and thread
  • a tag of some sort to attach to the end of the tea bag.
  • coffee filters


First things first, cut out the circles (really you can do any shape, even a heart). Start to sew the outside of the future tea bag (make sure to be as precise as you can) and leave a space open so you can add the tea leaves.

DSCN0769 DSCN0771

Add the tea leaves. I added about a tablespoon in each bag.


Sew the rest of the bag together to seal the tea in. Leave about 4 inches of thread for the tail tag.


I used a punch to make a tail end tag for the tea and attached it. You can use non-toxic glue or staples.  Also you will need something to let your giftee know what types of tea they will be drinking. I used a little place card and some coloured markers.

tag DSCN0776

Now put it together, box it up and make sure everything is pretty.


I got home from work a couple of days after sending this to OH’s mother and received this picture message on my phone.



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