saving space in a small home

OH, LO and I spent the weekend at Comic Con. I was planning on dressing up in a costume or two, but time crept up on me and part of our costumes were delayed in shipping. That’s ok though, we still had fun and met some really nice and funny celebrities. LO had a blast running around like a crazy person.

As some of you may know, we live in an approximate 1100 sq foot apartment (it may be slightly bigger). This restricts space and since we plan to stay in the apartment for a longer period of time, I have been slowly changing things to conserve space.

Some of it is as simple as buying $2 magnetic containers for teas and spices, and placing them on the side of your fridge.


And some of it is getting a little creative, in a simple way. For example, I was walking through the Dollarama and came across a hanging plant basket for $3.

nothing special

I immediately knew that I wanted to make it into a hanging fruit basket to save on space on our ledge and to make it look less cluttered.

When I brought it home, I had OH drill a hole in the wall and then put the hook in there.

drilling hook

We hung the basket and filled it with fruit.


I like it, also now we don’t have apples with little LO bites taken out of them.

Now here is an obligatory picture of Stevie wearing a sandal.

Paint me like one of your French women!
Paint me like one of your French women!


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