frugal february – gardens and art

I survived LO’s birthday party. We had a beach themed party for LO. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we had a plethora of food! We are in fact eating leftovers still to this day. I have had so many tacos that I am starting to get bored of it. LO looked so cute with her little beach dress and lei. We put about 6 or 7 on her at one point. She wasn’t as amused as we were.



 This week I prepared some seeds for my new summer garden. I decided after some research to start my cherry tomatoes as they will be the ones to take the longest to grow out of all the fruits and veggies we are growing.


I got everything here for $2.83 (the seeds were on sale for 3 for $1.00). I put water on the little pucks and let them sit for a bit.


After about 30 minutes they looked like this.


I researched thoroughly and from reading up, it suggested to put 2 seeds in each puck.


So I planted my little seedlings and labeled them with the date.


So in 8 to 10 weeks I will hopefully have nice plants to plant in my new garden and in some pots. As they grow you may see some pictures and stuff about the progress of these little guys. I’m excited because I have never started tomato plants on my own before.

I also made a cute little craft for this week. Here are a list of supplies I had.

  • Picture frame
  • Paint sample chits
  • Star metal punch
  • Glue – I had glue tape and it’s amazing
  • Printer and paper – if no access to a computer, you can hand write it nicely


Take the metal punch and start punching out coloured stars. I got a set of 4 little metal punches from Michael’s it was less than $15.00 at the time of purchase a couple months ago.


Do this as many times as you feel necessary. I had a goal for 2 dozen and ended up with almost 3 dozen little stars.


I then chose a cutesy little font and quote and then made sure to fit it into the 5″ X 7″ frame. I chose “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Do You Know How Loved You Are?”.


I then started to glue the little stars randomly onto the paper.


When it was finished, I put it into the picture frame. I like the way it looks. Maybe I needed more stars though…


This may go into LO’s room or I may just keep it for a friend’s nursery or playroom.


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