frugal february – t-shirt turban headbands

So OH and I decided that we were going to do a challenge for February. We decided to buckle down and save as much money as we could for the month. This was going to be harder because we are doing LO’s birthday party in a couple of weeks, and there are supposed to be 35 mouths to feed and some of the food and snacks have to be gluten-free as we have people with Celiac Disease coming. We asked OH’s sister to bring a fruit platter and my own mum is bringing some balloons and a veggie platter which is great because that saves a little bit of time and money.

We decided to inventory everything we already have stockpiled from couponing and price matching. This wasn’t too hard because we keep everything separated and dated to show what is expiring first. I went through everything and listed it on my phone, all the while making mental notes of what recipes or meals I could use with what product. It was a little monotonous but it will work for us in the long run.


part of our long list

We also sat down with all of our bi-weekly and monthly expenses. We went through every expense and cut our phone bills by $10 dollars each and our cable bill by $37 (That’s saving an extra $57 each month). We also looked into better internet service but decided that for now it was fine the way it was. Then it was looking into our wardrobes – I cleared LO’s closet of 6 – 12 month clothing and donated that (some went to one of my adorable nephews). OH gave away a few pairs of brand new pants and a few smaller t-shirts and I gave away most of a wardrobe that was too big for me. It felt good getting some of that clutter out of our lives as our place is only just over 1000 square feet and we need to optimize space as much as possible.

It didn’t take long for us to work out a budget either. We decided for the 28 days we would only spend $105 dollars for groceries, $40 for gas, $20 for diapers and wipes, $20 for pet food (dog, cat and fish) and lastly $50 for entertainment and gifts. This is all for the whole month. We haven’t spent a dime this month for any of the categories (It is only day 4!). We have used our stockpile to eat meals and have done pretty well to make enough to carry over to the next day for lunches. It helps that we had lunch at my parents’ one day though. I also have a variety of meat and veggies in the freezer.


stockpile dinner – not too shabby

I mentioned that I had gone through clothing that no longer fit. Well that gave me an idea to use an old (but clean!) t-shirt to make a baby turban headband for a friend’s baby girl. This would be a bit small for LO to try on, so I don’t have a picture of it in use. I did make matching ones for LO and I but she was asleep when I was doing this project. I will have to post a picture next week of us sporting our matching headbands.

I had to borrow my mum’s sewing machine as ours was borrowed and never returned. Here is what you need.

  • A t-shirt – If you have scraps of stretchy fabric that works too!
  • Measuring tape – correct measurements if you are making it for a friend or child
  • Sewing machine
  • Good fabric scissors – I had very crappy ones
  • Thread and bobbin
  • Fabric marker – I had a pencil…

So first take your t-shirt and measure out the length you need. Mark off the length you need. I was doing two connecting pieces so I marked out two 15 inch lengths of fabric (I had a 2.5 inch margin of error this way).


Cut out two pieces of fabric (the same length) and choose a desired thickness. I chose 1.5 inches and doubled that to 3 inches, as we are folding and sewing everything. Pin the fabric inside out and get ready to sew the longer sides.


As you are sewing, try and make it as straight as possible (also don’t forget to secure the start and finish of your sewing – forward, reverse, forward). If you have jagged edges, don’t worry because they will be trimmed off before you flip the fabric right side out.


Do the previous steps for the second piece of fabric. Trim the excess off the length of the fabric. Don’t cut too close or you might snag a stitch. Flip the fabric right side out when you are done trimming.


Fold the fabric in half and intertwine the two pieces. They should be U-shaped and connect in the middle. Twist once on each piece of fabric. It should look like this before sewing.


I sewed the seperate ends together and trimmed them before connecting both ends, pinning and sewing it all together to make a circle.


The headband should be snug but not tight. I haven’t given it to my friend yet for her daughter, but I know it will look cute on her little munchkin!


I liked it so much that I dug around and found more fabric to use for matching LO and Mummy headbands. I will have to take pictures and show them off next week. Until next time!


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