we went cruising

OH and I left LO behind and went on a cruise for a destination wedding. Let me just say that we had a blast! We saw new places, met new people and enjoyed time with good friends. I am going to admit this here and now though. I don’t do spicy food. Pico de Gallo at Mucho Burrito in Ottawa is a nice flavour that is NOT SPICY… the Pico de Gallo that I had was indeed spicy and indeed came back up (and through my nose. TMI?). I spent the next ten hours as the ship was just leaving port puking my guts out. If it wasn’t for that sweet rocking of the boat I would have never gotten to sleep.


After recovering from that ordeal, we were enjoying a day at sea and I was scared to eat the magnificent food on the ship (that only lasted until the next day!). That lemonade though. The lemonade was the best lemonade I have ever tasted. I mixed half lemonade and half iced tea to make my own Arnold Palmer’s. OH had a great time in the pool and got a painful sunburn (he’s a red head and didn’t put on sunscreen despite us having TWO bottles!!).


We landed in Grand Turks literally overnight. OH and I had to get ready for an afternoon wedding so we only had a couple of hours to look around. OH had never swam in the ocean and that was what I was determined to get him to do! With literally a hop and a skip off the ship we were in Grand Turks.


Our ship in the background


OH and I walked along two beaches and had a fresh coconut, well he had a fresh coconut. This guy with a machete walks around with a wheelbarrow full of coconuts and sells you a freshly picked one. He takes the coconut and with the machete, he hacks off a chunk of the top, spins a hole in it and hands it to you with a straw. OH drank this quickly and we were off into the ocean!

The Grand Turks has a beautiful climate, not too hot and very little to no humidity. We went into temperature perfect water (the waves were a bit strong) and waded up to our chests. Out of no where a school of fish came along. Now I am still trying to find out the proper name for these fish but they were beautiful and quick. They followed me so I am assuming that people feed these fish to come closer (which is what they do in St. Maarten for the snorkelers).


There were more behind me!

After that experience we went back to the ship and got ready for a beautiful wedding. OH walked with me down the aisle and then the maid of honour and the best man and lastly the beautiful bride accompanied by her father. She had a beautiful dress on (I helped her pick it out) and she looked just magnificent with a tiara and a light veil. The small reception was great and OH probably ate most of the tasty food and drank quite a bit (open bar for an hour – we took advantage). By the end of the reception he was telling ladies over the mic that their “fesse est joli”, which was quite amusing.

I’m going to skip San Juan as we didn’t do much there and go right to St. Maarten. This is where we had a Tiki Hut and Snorkel Excursion. OH wasn’t feeling 100 % and was a bit bummed out because he didn’t feel well enough to snorkel but after I got over my fear of the Barracudas that were hanging around hunting smaller fish, I was off!


I puttered around with my new camera and was trying to get used to it. I also didn’t have the wrist strap for it as that comes with a kit (I should have purchased the kit), so I was swimming a bit awkwardly because I didn’t want to drop my camera. They had sunk a boat, a helicopter, a cannon and a submarine which the fish seemed to love and I got to hold a whole bunch of little creatures.


sunken boat


brittle starfish


white sea egg (urchin)

It was an amazing experience and we would do it again. OH got to also meet the creator of the first Yoda puppet. He lives on St. Maarten and sells pieces of the storyboard. We got a signed copy of a scene from the Empire Strikes Back. That was what really made the trip for OH I think.

So now we are back to work and reality has set in. Starting February 1st we will be doing a challenge for Frugal February. This will be hard considering that LO’s first birthday just passed (while we were on vacation) and we have a big first birthday party planned for her with catering involved. So the next few posts will be living on a severe budget, LO’s birthday party stuff and some recipes. All fun stuff! Stay tuned!


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