let’s make a diaper cake

So it’s my birthday today. I have had a pretty good weekend receiving some pretty awesome gifts from my family and OH. I always wanted to try watercolour painting so I got a set of watercolour pencils and am self teaching how to use them. We will see how that goes.


More than a few months back I decided that I would attempt making a diaper cake. After deciding this, I ran into a sale and got a package of Pampers diapers for $2.99 and then if you e-mail Nestle, they will send you a package of 24 Huggies diapers. The package also comes with a diaper bag, formula, a bottle and coupons – Try It – Also you get better stuff if you say you already have the baby so whether or not, just say you already had the baby!


I started with the newborn Huggies for the first tier. Get a simple ribbon that you can roll the diapers (think like rolling up a sleeping bag) and do this for all your diapers. I had my momma bear helping me cut ribbon lengths.


When you have the rolled diapers in a circle. Take another piece of ribbon… maybe a thicker one and bundle the diapers together to look like a top tier of a cake.


Repeat this step but with more diapers and a bigger bundle and stack the tiers together. The cake should look something like this.


I added fancy bows and decided to do a thicker ribbon to hold them in better. I think it turned out alright and it made a nice centerpiece for the baby shower. To do things differently I may have added some baby toys but it did the job and Baby F used up all the diapers!




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