mini mason jar candles (semi-fail)

Lots of people I know have birthdays in October (including myself). This means I get to be super creative and for this post, I  am going to go through the steps of how I made birthday cake mini mason jar candles, that’s a mouthful to say so we will just call them candles!

The supplies I used for this are the following.

  • Vanilla scented wax (you can also get the scented oil and use just plain wax)
  • Plain wax candles (I got this because you can use the wick too)
  • 2-3 125 mL mason jars (I ended up using only 2)
  • Cake sprinkles


Preheat an old pot on low and cut up the candle into pieces – add flakes. I was experimenting and made several mistakes along the way of this whole project. I probably would have gotten wicks separately because I ended up cutting one of them (you can buy wax flakes at Micheal’s)


When wax is melted and clear add sprinkles to bottom of jars and pour wax into the jars. try and spread them around as much as possible. This is where I failed the most! Some of the sprinkles spread up the jar, while others just globbed at the bottom – BUT THAT’S OK!


Keep the pot on low heat and add the scented wax to melt and mix in. My kitchen smelled fantastic for the next few hours so I was cheerful.


When that is all melted and no chunks are to be seen, put candle wicks into jars, holding them up with a pencil, and add hot wax to jars. Let sit until hardened.


When the candles are hardened most of the way, take the pencils out and add some cake sprinkles to the top.


Now to clean up, you can heat the pot on low and take a piece of paper towel to wipe the pot clean. It might take more than a piece or two of paper towel, but the pot is usable afterwards.


So after adding a stamp to the jar lid to label it, the finished result was actually not bad and the people who received the candles were pleased!






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