thrift store – thrift score

So I went to the Value Village yesterday. I usually don’t look for much because I have too much stuff, I was looking for certain things in particular though.

Coloured glass is hard to come by, but I found these tumblers for $1.49.


They will be incorporated into a nifty Christmas present for someone on OH’s side of the family.

I also found these blocks!


They go with a larger Fisher Price toy that I got for one of LO’s baby shower.

I also got this cute puzzle clock!


The clown is a bit creepy, but it’s a great tool for both learning a simple puzzle and to tell time.

Well those are some of my thrift store thrift scores and I spent about 6 bucks. I saved the best for last!


Yes this is hanging on my front door!


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  1. ASofterApproach says:

    Well done! Following for future updates. Be sure to check out my blog about a stay at home dad that uses thrift shopping to generate income.

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