canning without a canner


So I have been busy making relish, marmalade and jam and since nobody likes nasty bacteria like botulism, I realized that I needed to can these things properly. In an old book that I was browsing while waiting in the apartment laundry room for my clothes to finish drying, I read about how things were canned before a canner could be bought by your average farmer. So here are the steps to canning without a canner with a modernized twist!

Unscrew all bands and lids from jars (lid tops must be new, bands and jars don’t have to be).  Place jars in the top rack of your dishwasher and run a normal cycle with a bit of washing soda to sterilize jars. While that is going on, fill a large pot with water and place lid tops and bands in the water – the water line should be about 2 1/2 inches above the lids and bands – boil for 15 – 20 minutes.


When washing cycle is done, while jars are still hot and lids and bands are still hot, fill your freshly made product (I made strawberry banana jam) into the hot jar, wipe down the jars if any got on the outside or in the threading and screw on the lids and bands – this has to be done while jars are still hot – you might need to wear gloves to protect your hands. I used tea towels.


When you finish filling the jars and putting the lids on tightly and properly, flip them upside down onto a flat surface and let them cool- you might want to put a towel down on the surface.


When all is done and the jars are cooled, flip them and test the lid tops. If you can push them in and they bounce back, they need to be refrigerated right away. If there is no bounce back, you have a sealed jar and you can store them in a cupboard.


Voila! Done! Finito!



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