a day at the ball park

Recently I have been working hard to budget so that we can save money AND go on vacations. Mainly we visit Toronto for various reasons. The main one being that OH, LO and I go to the Toronto Blue Jay games.

This time though we were staying in a hotel that OH never thought would happen. Mainly because the hotel room that we were staying in is very pricey for just one night and it was facing the ball park itself. Another reason it was different is that we were leaving LO behind with my parents in the hotel room. We originally weren’t going to leave her behind (THE CANADA DAY GAME!), but my parents got to spend some time with her watching a game from this view.


So after budgetting and literally spending only a few dollars on groceries and supplies through couponing and sales, we were stockpiled and ready for anything to come our way.

I bought all this and a case of water for $4.85


Yesterday we left at 4:15 A.M.! Stopped at Tim Horton’s for breakfast and made our way from Ottawa to Toronto. I drove first. We brought out my parents’ van since OH’s car is taking a beating lately and needs to retire from road trips. Last year we drove to Baltimore and back in it and made several trips to the states.

So we got to the hotel room checked in, got LO and my parents settled in and went down to the Rogers Centre to enjoy Canada Day at the ball park and made a date of it. Our seats were pretty sweet.


 I also got two batting practice balls on my own! No help from OH this time!



So we celebrated Canada’s Birthday and are still celebrating it today by going to watch Canada’s only MLB team play some baseball.

I’m writing this on my phone as we eat our before game breakfast so I leave you with this short-ish post.



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