playing with caustic stuff

All you need is some glass etching cream, paint brushes, rubbing alcohol, paper towel, something to do a design with and glass, whether it’s a window, tumbler glasses or a vase – doesn’t matter.

For the glass etching cream I got the Martha Stewart kind but there are a few different kinds. For the designs and lettering I used masking tape and stickers. For the glass and rubbing alcohol I got stuff from the dollar store – beer glasses, animal treat jars, square glasses.


The first step to this is to make sure your glasses are clean. I washed everything with just plain soap and water thoroughly to get any debris like dirt and dust off.


I washed and dried every glass item as best that I could and once everything was dry, I then used rubbing alcohol and sprayed the surface I was going to etch and dried it with a paper towel.

rubbing alcohol

For the treat jar I just wanted to do a simple K – for Kaiya. She’s my Boxer and she is very good and deserves as many treats as her stomach can handle. She’s like a child to me and I jokingly call her my ‘dogger’ and she’s my parents’ ‘grand-dogger’.


I then covered it with glass etching cream.


Let it sit for 15-20 minutes and then wash the cream off carefully with cool water (I ended up with a little on my finger and scratched my leg. I endured a small burn! Hurts like hell!) And here is Stevie Y ‘the helper’ with some of my finished projects.


And here are two failed ones.


The colours were actually painted on so I just ended up stripping the colour off the glasses. Would’ve been cool if it had worked out though!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. allythebell says:

    Ooh, the Martha Stewart stuff seems to leave a stronger etch mark than the Armor Etch I used. I’ll have to try this one next time!

    1. erires says:

      I got it from Walmart. It worked out pretty well, just patience is key for it I found. I was so excited for the outcome I almost screwed up one glass.

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