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Last Wednesday marked Stevie Y’s 1st birthday. He is quite the little man now. Looking more like an adult every day and he is wonderful with the baby. If you met this cat you would think “This cat is fucking insane.” He’s very spirited yes, a little bit of a demon maybe. He bites, runs away, licks the cheese, eats your carrots, steals one sock, destroys hair elastics, chews wires – just anything you don’t want him to do, he does it. So the fact that this animal is so great with the Little One is amazing.

The first thing I decided at the beginning of the month was to stop biting my nails and take better care of them. Getting a manicure was out of the question as I don’t really like being touched. Holding hands with the Other Half is hard cause I am not into the PDA thing. Even hugging is awkward for me, close friends and family know this and to get a hug from me is taking it to a level that most people would not even think twice about.

Anyways, so I read up on proper nail care and asked some questions to friends who have had nice nails for years. What I got from it is that some people just have nice nails and others like me will have to work a little at it and STOP BITING THEM.

Here is my quick Do-It-Yourself of some nail care that took me about 45 minutes while the Little One had her afternoon snooze.

First you need the following (these are the basics, I had a little more);

  • Cotton swabs
  • Nail polish remover (I had liquid and a pen)
  • Bowl of warm soapy water
  • Nail file and nail clippers
  • Hand cream
  • Nail polish (clear)
  • Hand towels (2 clean ones)


I had a few extra things because I was trying to make my nails look a certain way and I semi-failed. There is this look called ombre. Being my first time I got more of a marbled look to it. The extra things I used were a make-up sponge, cuticle pusher (scraper?) toothpicks and extra nail polish (plus base and top coats).

So the first thing I did was soak my hands for 5 minutes each in warm soapy water, if you have nail polish on remove that first. This is to get the dirt and oil off your skin and nails. I then dried my hands in the towel and put hand cream on. With another towel I wrapped my hand in that while I soaked the other hand and went through the steps again.


When that was done, I used nail polish remover to get any extra oils off of my nails and then cut and shaped them to my liking. I also pushed my cuticles back and clipped away any hang nails. I like my nails on the shorter side because I horseback ride and find it easier to maintain short nails. I picked out some colours and got started painting.

I used a base coat first to adhere the colours to my nails better. Then I wanted to try the Ombre thing – it looked cool when I googled pictures. I am not a fancy person and don’t have fancy or expensive nail polish so I made do with what I had. Which apparently is 22 bottles of nail polish and some of them had never been used. I got a bunch of make-up sponges from the dollar store when I was there for my second project and I was going to try and use that for the Ombre thing I wanted to do.

 base        colours

I put a coat of white nail polish on each nail and let it dry. And it was on to the next step, which is where I failed! I used an old plastic lid of packaging I was going to throw away anyways to pour the two colours beside each other and used a toothpick to swirl it together some. I then took my make-up sponge and dipped it into the colours and put that onto my nails.


In which resulted in this mess.


So I had to clean it up a little with these


And topped it off with a base coat for shine and long lasting. Last but not least – Enjoy a beer! 


In the end the results were fine with me. More of a marbled look than traditional ombre. I tried it. Not perfect but I am satisfied and it’s better than I thought I could achieve. So there you have it.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. allythebell says:

    I love painting my nails but they’re so thin that they just peel after a while. I like the swirlies though. Also, I clean up all my mistakes by taking a shower later and scrubbing it off! 🙂

    1. erires says:

      That’s a really good idea. I will do my nails before my shower next time. 🙂

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